August 28, 2012

Nissan Note At Dealerships Next Week

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Aug.28, 2012) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the all-new Nissan Note, which goes on sale September 3rd at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan.

X DIG-S (with option features)

X DIG-S (with option features)

Featuring an energetic exterior design and spacious interior, the new Note combines a newly developed 1.2L engine with an aerodynamic lightweight body, achieving top level fuel economy. Note also provides outstanding comfort and user-friendliness and includes an advanced Around View Monitor, which is available for the first time in a compact car.

The new Note is powered either by a supercharged, direct-injection HR12DDR Miller-cycle engine or HR12DE engine, with XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) installed in all grades. An Idling Stop System is included for 2WD models. Utilizing the responsiveness of a supercharger, the newly-developed HR12DDR engine delivers agile and exhilarating driving equivalent to that of a 1.5L engine, and great fuel economy of 25.2 km/L (on JC08 mode).*1 This qualifies Note for preferential tax breaks under the Japanese "tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles", thereby fully exempting it from the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax*2. The 2WD grades with the HR12DE engine receive a 75% reductions of both new vehicle acquisition and weight taxes*3.

In the highest grade, MEDALIST, provides a premium feel for both interior and exterior. The exterior features plated door handles and an exclusive Beatnic Gold body color that offers a higher quality appearance than typically found in its class. Inside, the premium feel continues, with suede-like cloth seats and artificial leather, piano-like center cluster finisher and genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Around View Monitor is standard.

Based on the dual-pillar strategy of "zero emissions" and PURE DRIVE*4, Nissan continues its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout its product lineup. The new Note with HR12DDR engine or HR12DE engine is one of the Nissan's PURE DRIVE models. Pure Drive is the designation given to Nissan's most fuel efficient, lowest emissions vehicles.

Key features of the new Note are:

  • Top level fuel economy among gasoline-engine vehicles
  • Stylish exterior design with great aerodynamic performance and modern, high-quality interior
  • Comfortable interior space for all passengers and advanced user-friendly features for ease of driving.

<Overview of the new Note>

1. Design
Energetic exterior design

  • Attractive silhouette created by a vigorous roof line flowing from the front end through the front pillar
  • Dynamic body-side 'Squash Line', expressing a quick movement of a hard struck squash ball.
  • Sporty, impressive front design with headlights that suggest the ‘power of eyes' and distinctively-designed grille integrated with each other
  • Rear styling characterized by a unique boomerang shape, wrapping from the rear window through rear combination lights
  • Available in eight body colors, each of which has its own character, including the new Sonic Blue and Beatnic Gold (special color for MEDALIST)

High-quality, refreshing interior space

  • Wide instrument panel, which adopts a flowing character line inspired by a ripple mark and embraces the driver, while providing an open feeling to the front passenger
  • High-quality center cluster with glossy black appearance provided by piano-like center cluster finisher combined with silver finisher (standard on MEDALIST, factory-installed option on X DIG-S/X-FOUR)
  • Fine Vision Meter illumination with easy-to-read white-color graphics
  • Nissan Eco-meter with the blue outline of the upper side of the Fine Vision Meter and Eco-drive Indicator using high-intensity green LED - supporting the joy of eco-driving (standard on S DIG-S/X-DIG-S/MEADLIST)

2. Driving performance and packaging
Engine and transmission

  • Every grade is equipped with three-cylinder 1.2L engine (downsized from previous generation Note)
  • S DIG-S, X DIG-S and MEDALIST adopt the newly developed, supercharged Miller-cycle HR12DDR engine with an Idling Stop System, achieving driving responsive equivalent to that of a 1.5L engine and top level fuel economy of 25.2 km/L among gasoline engine models*1
  • The highly efficient supercharger combined with an electric clutch efficiently controls on/off operation depending on engine speed. For example, the supercharger operation may stop for low-speed city driving, resulting in both greater fuel efficiency and exhilarating acceleration performance on demand
  • S, X and X FOUR use lightweight, compact HR12DE engine with strong torque at middle and lower speeds
  • XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which utilizes a sub planetary gear (two-speed), is adopted in all grades
  • Idling Stop System is standard on all 2WD grades


Spacious interior room is maximized by reducing mechanical space, and locating the accelerator pedal farther forward. Rear seat passengers have excellent field of vision through modification of the front seat back and ensuring largest-level knee room in its class. For easier ingress/egress and loading/unloading, the opening degree of rear doors is up to 85 degrees.

Aerodynamic performance and weight reduction

  • Air flow improves with lipped rear outlets placed on the rear combination lights acting as wind passages. Body air flow runs smoothly without turbulence at the rear. Adopting the design that reduces air resistance achieves a very low coefficient of drag of 0.29*5.
  • Weight is reduced by a total of about 70kg compared to the previous Note by adjusting shapes and structures in detail including a change in suspension and exhaust parts, optimization of parts plate thickness inside the engine compartment and a change in the shape of the fuel tank.

3. Advanced and convenient equipment
Around View Monitor (standard on MEDALIST, factory-installed option on X/X DIG-S/X-FOUR)

Around View Monitor, offered for the first time in a compact car, displays an image of the vehicle from above, using four cameras installed in the front, both sides and rear. Since an image is projected on the auto anti-glare inside rear view mirror, a car navigation system is not required to use this feature.

ECO-mode (standard on S DIG-S/X DIG-S/MEDALIST)

ECO-mode, which helps improve real-world fuel economy, is available in HR12DDR engine grades. When ECO-mode switch is on, the engine and CVT are controlled in a coordinated way to provide natural feeling yet fuel-efficient driving. In normal driving mode, the driver can drive without activating the supercharger while Eco-mode is on. When quicker acceleration is needed, the supercharger activates if the accelerator pedal is pressed to a certain degree.

Nissan Eco-meter (standard on S DIG-S/X DIG-S/MEDALIST)

Standard on HR12DDR engine models, Nissan ECO-meter includes an ECO-drive Indicator that shows three eco-levels in on the upper part of the meter in green LED lighting. An Eco-pedal Guide displays accelerator angle on the center display. With the Eco-drive Report function, an eco-drive level is shown on the center display and Eco-drive Indicator.


  • Various conveniently located storage compartments include a large-size instrument upper box that can store a large box of tissues, a center console box that can store a 1.5-liter plastic bottle, cupholders and door pocket organizers.
  • While ensuring class-leading-level rear knee room, a 330-literlarge-capacity luggage space is realized.

<Other Key Safety and Environmental Technologies>

  • Rear windshield wiper
  • Multi-reflector halogen headlights (manual control) that provide optimum light distribution
  • Auto light system (linked front wipers, dawn sensors) (standard on MEDALIST)
  • LED High-Mount Stop Lamp
  • Around View Monitor (top view/side blind/front view/rear view) (standard on MEDALIST, factory-installed option on X/X DIG-S/X FOUR)
  • Rear View Monitor (available only on vehicles equipped with car navigation system - provided as a dealer option)
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution)
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control ) (factory-installed option on X/X DIG-S/MEDALIST/X-FOUR)
  • High-strength body construction (Zone Body) and Body construction for pedestrian protection
  • Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) 3-point seatbelts for all seats
  • SRS air bag system for driver and front passenger
  • SRS curtain air bag system (factory-installed option on X DIG-S/MEDALIST/X FOUR)
  • Electric-assisted power steering
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Variable control of voltage for power generation
  • Based on JC08 fuel-economy mode
  • Achieves more than 95% recyclability rate (where recycling facilities exist)

Sales target: 10,000 units/month

Price range: 1,249,500 yen to 1,557,150 yen, including consumption tax

Sales launch events: September 8 (Sat.) - 9 (Sun.) and 15 (Sat.) - 17 (Mon.)

  1. *1: S-DIGS.Engine displacement of 1,000 cc or more, excluding hybrid and mini vehicles (According to Nissan, as of July, 2012)
  2. *2: Achieves both SU-LEV certification by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards and 20% improvement in fuel economy over 2015 standards.
  3. *3: Achieves both SU-LEV certification by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards and 10% improvement in fuel economy over 2015 standards.
  4. *4: PURE DRIVE vehicles are designed to deliver new excitement, creating a new experience and surprise in everyday driving, by combining various vehicles with eco-technologies.
  5. *5: Only S DIG-S


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