March 2, 2012

Nissan Wins Second Prize at 2012 J-Win Diversity Awards

YOKOHAMA, Japan (March 2, 2012) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. was awarded the second prize at the 2012 J-Win Diversity Awards, presented by the Japan Women's Innovative Network (NPO J-Win), a non-profit organization. Nissan won the Special Prize at the inaugural awards event held in 2008, making this the second time the company has received an award from NPO J-Win.

The J-Win Diversity Awards represent a first step toward increased diversity and inclusion* in corporations. The awards promote companies that take a proactive and innovative approach to the recruitment, skills development and advancement of women, and demonstrates the results in their business performance.

Nissan views diversity as a vital element in its response to global and multifaceted customer needs. It believes that becoming a company where women can take a more active role in business also promotes the active utilization of diverse human resources, including men, and contributes to value creation for the company. As such, Nissan has implemented various initiatives to promote diversity globally.

In Japan, Nissan has continued its efforts to provide career support for female employees with the aim of furthering the participation of women in decision-making. As a result, the proportion of women in managerial positions has nearly quadrupled in the past seven years, from 1.6% to 6.1% in 2011. Targets have also been established for measures designed to bring more women into senior management level positions. Nissan is expanding its diversity initiatives globally under the leadership of its global headquarters in Japan, and considers the J-win Diversity Awards as recognition of the efforts that it has taken in promoting diversity.

Nissan aims to deepen each employee's understanding of diversity in order to maximize the value it brings in building relationships with potential customers. The company will continue its efforts to grow sustainably while promoting true diversity and inclusion* as a source of greater competitiveness.

  1. * Diversity and inclusion refers to the understanding and mutual respect of diversity, and development through the fusion of each of these capabilities.

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