October 3, 2011

Nissan Serena Wins "Good Design Award 2011"

YOKOHAMA, Japan (October 3, 2011) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that the Nissan Serena minivan has won the "Good Design Award 2011" from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

Nissan Serena

Nissan Serena

Since the launch of the first-generation Nissan Serena in June 1991, through to the third-generation model, the Serena minivan has been acclaimed by customers, especially families. To better meet the needs of families, the new-fourth generation Serena, which went on sale in Japan in November 2010, has enhanced interior spaciousness and more user-friendly accoutrements. It also comes with environmentally-friendly features that address contemporary needs.

Optimizing convenience with versatile seating, a roomy and comfortable cabin space with great visibility, air conditioning, and other touches, the new Serena minivan has achieved the No. 1 position in its class for Japan sales in the first half of 2011. While its enhanced design is attractive to families, the Serena strives to meet the expectations of all types of customers.

With a flowing exterior featuring a symbolic, stair-like waistline, large triangular windows that provide excellent visibility, and distinctive front end styling through a large front grille and bumper, Serena's design offers unique new value to families. Its high-quality, detailed interior and styling has won over many customers.

Serena features excellent environmental performance though its newly-developed direct-injection engine and Idling Stop system, which has an ECO motor that quickly and quietly restarts the engine when the vehicle stops. These attributes provide a natural driving feel and enhanced interior comfort.

* The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design in Japan. Created to select and publicize good design that raises the standard of living, spurs industrial development and facilitates trade by enhancing product quality through design, the award receives more than 3,000 submissions every year. These are comprehensively assessed through considerations that include design novelty and sophistication, value created and social contribution.

Read more about the Nissan Serena: http://www.nissan.co.jp/SERENA/ (Japanese)
For English information please see the "Serena" entry at http://www.nissan.co.jp/EN/lineup.html


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