September 1, 2011


ROLLE, Switzerland (1 September 2011) - The perfect high-performance Infiniti Crossover - designed by INFINITI design team, and specially built as show car for Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel - will make its debut in concept form at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt on Tuesday 13 September. The Red Bull Racing driver and Infiniti Global Brand Ambassador will unveil "his" car at 14.15 hours.

Infiniti Crossover

The first-ever Vettel-badged road car, the FX Sebastian Vettel version is the lightest, fastest and most aerodynamic FX yet, reflecting the World Champion's desire for a 300km/h Crossover that he can drive on his home country's derestricted Autobahn.

Infiniti Crossover

Based on the already fast and sporting V8-powered FX50S Premium, the FX Sebastian Vettel version features changes to engine, suspension and body, with key aerodynamic enhancements implemented with input from Red Bull Racing. The one-off model also gains an interior reflected Sebastian Vettel's taste, taking the brand hallmarks of performance, exclusiveness and individuality to new heights.

Infiniti Crossover

The unveiling and Infiniti press conference at Frankfurt can be viewed live at

The Vettel Infiniti (Video)