March 11, 2011
As of 18:30 JST

Report following the earthquake in Northern Japan

At 14:46 JST, a strong earthquake hit Northern Japan.
The following is a report related to Nissan operations.


  • Iwaki Plant (Fukushima pref. Iwaki city), Tochigi Plant (Tochigi pref. Kawachi county), Yokohama Plant (Kanagawa pref. Yokohama city), Oppama Plant (Kanagawa pref. Yokohama city), Zama (Kanagawa pref. Zama city), immediately suspended operations.
  • Small fires broke out at Iwaki Plant casting facilities, and fire fighting activities are in progress.
  • Small fires broke out at Tochigi Plant casting facilities but have been extinguished.


  • Evacuations begun at locations close to the coastline, where tsunami warnings are issued.
  • 2 employees at Tochigi Plant have suffered minor injuries.
  • The company has advised employees to remain inside the facilities where it is safe, however those who are able to walk home are allowed to leave the offices based on their own judgment.


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