March 2, 2011

Double Win For Nissan NV200 Vanette Taxi
at the Universal Design Awards

Rolle, March 2, 2011. Nissan NV200 Vanette Taxi enjoys a double success as it wins the 'Universal Design Award 2011', granted by a jury of designers and design experts and the 'Universal Design Consumer Favourite Award 2011', voted by a consumer panel. The two awards are endorsed by Universal Design GMbH*1. Nissan was the only car or Light Commercial Vehicle manufacturer to win the awards this year.

Already available in Japan, the NV200 Vanette taxi is an innovative and functional taxi for everyone aiming to contribute to the promotion of a barrier-free public transportation infrastructure. Exceeding conventional taxi standards, the NV200 Vanette taxi offers a full range of features for passengers in terms of safety and comfort, irrespective of age, gender and capabilities. A wide range of people will benefit from the NV200 Vanette taxi's whole new concept, which is also ideally suited for wheelchair users, who can roll on and off from the back door with no impediments.

The base model NV 200, which the taxi version uses, is already sold in over forty markets worldwide. Customers have recognized its reliable driving performance, outstanding load efficiency and attractive design.

<Vehicle Outline>

  1. Comfortable and spacious rear seating
    • Large leg room: the passengers can easily cross their legs while seated
    • Large foot space: the passenger can stretch their legs
    • Generous headroom for the rear seats
    • Barrier-free, flat floor: the passenger can easily move inside the cabin
  2. Smooth egress and ingress
    • Sliding door on the front passenger side with high opening allows easy and quick access even in the rain or in narrow streets
    • Electric slide step for easier egress and ingress, synchronized with the sliding door on the front passenger side
    • Slide step lamp for illumination at night
    • Large assist grips
  3. Wheel chair friendly functions and amenities
    • Two-tier rear sliding slope with a belt to prevent undesired backward wheel chair sliding and eliminate egress-ingress anxiety
    • Rear safety light (to indicate that persons in wheel chairs are getting on and off the vehicle)
    • Space for a wheel chair in the passenger compartment: rear seat passengers can interact with those in a wheel chair
  4. Excellent driving and environmental performance
    • Superior front visibility due to high eye point and low waistline
    • Sliding driver's seat with an adjustable range of 190 mm to ensure ideal driving position
    • Minimum turning radius: 5.2m
    • Vehicle information display shows instant and average fuel economy to support eco-driving habits

*1 Universal Design GMbH is an award giving body dedicated to promoting the convergence of design and the emerging importance of customer needs. Representing the design challenges in the coming decades, the awards are intended to serve as an inspiration to designers and manufacturers in using their creativity, competence and experience to flow into products, architecture and services for everyone.


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