February 28, 2011


YOKOHAMA, Japan (Feb. 28, 2011) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced that global sales of the Qashqai*1 has surpassed one million units as of January 31. The Qashqai is also known as the Dualis in Japan and in other markets.

Qashqai (European specifications)

Qashqai (European specifications)

Launched in the European market in March 2007, Qashqai made its debut during the same year in Japan followed by Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, Asia, and Latin America. Without exception, all regions have praised Nissan's new model for its high quality and strong performance.

Starting from Europe, the Qashqai brought something new to the market with its strong, distinctive design and product concept. Sitting between the style of a more traditional hatchback and a more robust, elevated SUV shape, Qashqai merged the best of two worlds capturing the car-buying public's imagination. Updated in March 2010 with refreshed design and improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions, it continues to enjoy strong sales, and has been a mainstay of Nissan's European lineup for four consecutive years. Moreover, it has won several 'Car of the Year' awards in numerous countries, and this year, was ranked third by ADAC, Germany and Europe's largest automobile association in it's Yellow Angel award category for quality. It was the only import car model to receive this distinction as one of the most reliable cars in Germany.

For Japan, its urban design and European-derived agile driving feel are considered endearing characteristics. Starting with the minor change last August, fuel efficiency of the 2WD models has been improved, and all model grades qualify for a tax reduction. The actual fuel efficiency has been improved to match top levels in its class by adapting various environmentally-friendly functions, such as Eco-switch.

Customers in China were captivated as it introduced the whole new crossover category into the market with its stylish and fashionable design paired with outstanding driving performance. The China Automobile Technology & Research Center (CATARC) awarded it 5 stars from its C-NCAP crash safety test, its highest ranking. January 2011 also saw a minor change to the model in China, which equipped it with the Carwings systems and the Around View Monitor, adding more convenience and functionality.

"Qashqai is clearly the pioneer when it comes to 'Compact Crossovers', setting the trend that others in the industry follow. It's balance of key SUV attributes like robust design, roomy interior and higher driving position combined with the benefits of a hatchback such as great fuel economy, compactness and driving dynamics, resonates well with customers around the world.

Combining the innovative concept with customer-oriented technology features, the Qashqai clearly demonstrates Nissan's unique approach to meet customers' changing expectations of their cars." said Guillaume Masurel, Nissan's Global Chief Marketing Manager for Qashqai.

Qashqai is currently produced in the Sunderland factory in the UK, the Kyushu factory in Japan, and in Dongfeng Nissan's Huadu Plant and Zhengzhou Nissan's*2 No. 2 Plant in China.

  1. *1 The sales of the Qashqai +2 is included in one million units. Qashqai +2 is only produced in Sunderland Factory in the UK.
  2. *2 Zhengshou Nissan was established in 1993 as Nissan's first production base in China. In 2005, affiliate Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL) began production and sales of LCV. DFL was founded as a joint venture between Dongfeng Group and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to produces a full line-up of passenger cars, LCV, and medium and large commercial vehicles.
<Cumulative sales figures>
(As of January 31, 2011)
Europe 759,370
・UK 111,088
・Italy 103,647
・Russia 89,808
Asia/ Oceania 203,984
・China 126,856
・Japan 61,594
Middle East/ Africa 36,123
Latin America 4,455


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