September 24, 2010

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
UD Trucks Corporation
Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd.

Changes to Commissioned Manufacturer of
Nissan Atlas F24 and Nissan Patrol Pickup

YOKOHAMA (September 24, 2010) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., UD Trucks Corporation and Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd. today announced the production of Nissan Atlas F24, a compact cab-over truck for the domestic market, and Nissan Patrol Pickup for export, currently handled by UD Trucks, will be changed to Nissan Shatai.

The change of the commissioned manufacturer aims to promote the optimization of assembly allocation within the Nissan Group by consolidating the production of similar vehicle types. This will also allow UD Trucks to concentrate its resources to manufacturing large and medium-size trucks.

UD Trucks will terminate the production of Atlas F24 in January 2011, and its production will shift to Auto Works Kyoto Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Nissan Shatai, starting March 2011. The production of Patrol Pickup at UD Trucks will be terminated in January 2011 and recommence at the Shonan Plant of Nissan Shatai in June 2011.

As Auto Works Kyoto is currently producing Nissan Civilian and has extensive experience in vehicle customization, they were considered as the ideal manufacturer for the Atlas F24. Meanwhile, as Nissan Patrol SUV, which is similar to Nissan Patrol Pickup, is also produced at the Shonan Plant, production will be more efficient.


Atlas F24

Atlas F24

Patrol Pickup

Patrol Pickup


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