July 5, 2010

All-New Nissan JUKE Compact Sports Crossover Off to a Strong Sales Start in Japan - Orders Exceed 10,000 Units in the First Month

YOKOHAMA (July 5, 2010) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that domestic orders for the all-new Nissan JUKE have greatly exceeded company expectations. Introduced on June 9th, JUKE orders for 10,943 units received to date, about one month after its release, are more than eight times greater than the monthly target of 1,300 units.

With JUKE, Nissan ushers in a new genre of vehicles, the compact sports crossover. It combines the agility of a compact sports car with the security and toughness of an SUV. JUKE has attracted a wide range of customers with its high environmental performance that complies with the tax exemption for environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as for its affordable price range.

The most popular exterior color so far has been Radiant Red, which accounts for 29% of the total orders, while the most-chosen interior color is red, consisting of over 59%.

Following is a snapshot of the initial JUKE orders:

Model Grade:
15RX 97%
15RS 3%
Buyer Age and Sex:
  Male Female
Under 29 11% 4%
30 - 39 15% 6%
40 - 49 14% 5%
50 - 59 19% 4%
Over 60 19% 2%
Exterior Color
Radiant Red 29%
Sapphire Black 22%
White Pearl 15%
Dark Metal Gray 15%
Diamond Silver 10%
Meteorite Brown 9%
Pacific Blue 2%
Interior Color


Black 41%
* Interior color for 15RX
15RS interior color is Black only


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