June 2, 2010


YOKOHAMA, Japan (June 2, 2010) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today shared the progress report on its recycling efforts in Japan for the fiscal year 2009 (April 2009 to March 2010). Nissan has exceeded its target recycling rates for end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in accordance with the Japan Automobile Recycling Law*1.

Nissan recovered 109,852.4 tons from the 134,517.2 (646,418 vehicles) tons of Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR). This represents a recovery ratio of 81.7%. The Japan Automobile Recycling law stipulates a target of 70% recovery rate by 2015. The effective recycling recovery rate stands at 96.6%*2.

Nissan recovered 1,080,178 airbag-related products from 427,250 vehicles through recovery processing and on-board deployment operations*3. The airbag recycling ratio stood at 94.4%, exceeding the legal requirement of 85%. A total of 176,963.4 kg of fluorocarbons collected from 570,932 vehicles were processed.

The cost of these recycling efforts amounted to 6,295,394,414 yen. Recycling fees and income generated from the business of managing recycling operations totaled 6,586,287,894 yen, contributing to a net surplus of 290,893,480 yen. From FY2004 to FY2009, the total cost of recycling operations lead to a net surplus of 412,222,368 yen. This is equivalent to 130.7 yen per vehicle. For the mid- and long-term forecast, Nissan anticipates cost of recycling operations to stabilize.

Consistent with the Nissan Green Program 2010, the company will continue with its efforts to reach the ultimate recovery ratio of 100%, that is to reuse and recover 100% of the materials from ELV into usable resources.

Nissan's activities in recycling are as follows:

Activities in new vehicles:

  1. Expansion of vehicle design to enable easy dismantling and recycling of components
  2. Development of recycling methodologies for electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles
  3. Increase use of recycled materials

Promotion of end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling:

  1. Develop new methodologies in efficient recycling of ELVs into usable materials
  2. Measures to achieve zero land-fill waste in Japan
  3. Development of material recycling technology in creating usable materials from ELVs

Partnership with relevant business partners

  1. Provide recycling resource support
    a. Share information on new recycling methodologies with our business partners
    - Issue ELV recycling manuals
    - Issue manuals for removing copper and plastic parts
    b. Publish recycling guideline on harness components, in collaboration with five member companies*4 of the Automobile shredder residue Recycling promotion Team (ART)*5
  2. Publish newsletter to improve collaboration with recycling businesses

Under the Nissan Green Program 2010, Nissan continues to develop new technologies, products and services that lead to reductions in vehicle CO2 emissions, and recycling of resources

  1. *1: The Japan Automobile Recycling Law: Article 27.2 of Automobile Recycling Law and Article 29 of Enforcement Regulations (Law Concerning Recycling Measures of End-of-life Vehicles).
  2. *2: Basis for calculation: Nissan's recovery ratio for ELV (actual value) stood at 81.6% according to materials distributed in May 2003 by the government. The balance of 18.4% represents ASR recovery. At 81.7% recovery rate for ASR (18.4%), the combined effective recovery rate is calculated at 96.6%.
    Recovery Rate 96.6% = 81.6% + (18.4% x 81.7%).
  3. *3: On-board deployment operations: One of the methods for airbag recycling, airbags are left on the vehicle to be activated.
  4. *4: Nissan Motor, Suzuki Motor, Fuji Heavy Industries, Mazda Motor, Mitsubishi Motor
  5. *5: ART: Automobile shredder residue Recycling promotion Team. The organization was established to address issues related to the implementation of the Japan Automobile Recycling Law in January 2005.
    ART members are Nissan Motor, Isuzu Motor, Jaguar Land Rover Japan, Suzuki Motor, Volvo Cars Japan Limited., Ford Japan, Fuji Heavy Industries, Mazda Motor, Mitsubishi Motor, Mitsubishi Fuso Track/Bus, Mercedes-Benz Japan, UD Trucks and Japan Automobile Recycling Centre.

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