December 11, 2007

- Nissan CARWINGS Wins Eco-Products Award -

TOKYO (Dec. 11, 2007) -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will participate in Eco-Products 2007, Japan's largest annual eco-exhibition, to be held from December 13 - 15, at the Tokyo Big Sight. At the fair, Nissan will showcase a comprehensive range of its original technologies in line with its Nissan Green Program 2010 (NGP2010) goal to help reduce CO2 emissions. Nissan will offer visitors the opportunity to test drive its range of green technologies including the fuel-cell vehicle and clean diesels.

Under its NGP2010 roadmap, Nissan is developing technologies to reach a long-term goal of reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 70% by 2050 compared to 2000 level. In the short- and mid-term, the company is expanding its range of more fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles. In the long-term, it is working towards more advanced technologies in the direction of electric vehicles. At Eco-Products, Nissan will promote its environmental efforts through various technology displays, inforrmation panels, consumer quizzes and test-drive opportunities.

Nissan CARWINGS has won the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize in the Eco-Services Division of the Eco-Products Awards, for its innovative eco-driving service. The award recognizes Nissan for its efforts to help improve road traffic environment and driver-behavior, and delivering sustainable results in improving fuel-consumption.

Nissan aims to reduce CO2 emissions from three approaches - vehicle, driver and road traffic environment. Nissan's eco-driving service, available under CARWINGS, is designed to cultivate change in more fuel-efficient driving-behavior, and assist drivers to maneuver through traffic congestion, hence contributing towards reduction of CO2 emissions.

The awards will presented at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, December 13th, at the Environmental Communication Stage at the Eco-Products exhibition.

CARWINGS is Nissan's original telematics service and is currently only available in Japan.

Nissan’s technology highlights at the Eco-Products 2007 are as follows:

<Nissan Exhibit Outline: Exhibit No. 5059, East Exhibition Hall 5>
  1. Vehicles and Technology Displays
    • Pivo 2
      The Pivo 2, represents the concept of “always enjoyable, everywhere convenient” mobility. The concept incorporates a variety of electric vehicle technologies for the future. The application of cutting-edge technologies delivers a compact package and unprecedented automotive form and movement in the Pivo 2. Visitors can enjoy demonstrations of the cabin rotation and Metamo system, which enables independent control of all wheel units.
    • Fuel-efficient technologies
      Nissan will showcase its significant advancements in developing more fuel-efficient gasoline powertrains. A main feature is the XTRONIC CVT interactive display that allows visitors to experience the technology for themselves.
    • Clean-diesels
      Nissan is featuring the M9R engine, a high-peformance, quiet, fuel-efficient and clean diesel powertrain. The engine meets with the Euro 4 emission standards, has low noise and vibration and delivers top-class power and torque for a two-liter displacement engine. The exhibit will feature an animated cutaway model.
    • CARWINGS eco-drive service
      CARWINGS offers a route-search feature that calculates the fastest route to a given destination using the real-time traffic data. By reducing the average commuting time and increasing average speed, the system can help towards reduction of CO2 emissions.

      The eco-drive service, designed to cultivate eco-driving habits, calculates the driver’s average fuel consumption based on data sent to the CARWINGS center. It delivers weekly tips to improve fuel-efficient driving, and features monthly fuel-efficiency rankings on the CARWINGS website to help drivers improve their eco-driving skills. A special demonstration unit and laptop-enabled demonstration of the CARWINGS service will be available.
  2. Test Drive

    Visitors have the opportunity to test-drive the X-Trail Fuel Cell Vehicle and the clean diesel-powered X-Trail (European spec).

<The 9th Eco-Products 2007 -- Eco-Style Fair: Eco-Life, My Style>
Dates: Thursday, December 13th - Saturday, December 15th, 2007
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (3-21-1, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Organizers: Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.
Admission: Free
Official Website:
<The 4th Eco-Products Awards>
Date and time: Thursday, December 13th, 2007
(Awards ceremony from 10:10-10:55; Presentation of winning products and services at 11:05-12:20)
Venue: Environmental Communication Stage