June 14, 2007

Nissan Announces All-New Atlas F24 Light-Duty Truck

TOKYO (June 14, 2007) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the fully redesigned Atlas F24 light-duty truck, which goes on sale June 20 at Nissan dealers nationwide.

Atlas F24 2WD Super Low Standard Body DX

The new Atlas F24 is designed for maximum utility, versatility and efficiency for a variety of commercial uses. Its "intelligent design" concept combines a comfortable, highly functional interior with exceptional maneuverability and low operational cost. Among the Atlas F24's features are class-leading minimum turning radius, Nissan's first-ever application of a 6-speed automatic mechanical transmission (6AMT) and a vehicle operating information display.

A Modern, Intelligent Design
  • The Atlas F24's exterior was inspired by the concept of a modern, comfortable and "smart" truck. Its large windshield allows an excellent forward view, while its sloping waistline expands side visibility. Outstanding aerodynamics are provided by the cab's rounded cubic shape.

    Inside, the Atlas F24's cabin comfort has been enhanced by increasing the cab height and expanding the space in front of the seats. The larger door openings, lower cab floor height and lower step-in height improve entry/exit ease over the previous model. Walk-through capability has also been improved.

    Along with additional comfort, the Atlas F24's interior is designed to increase work efficiency with a number of handy, easy-to-use storage areas, including a large storage box incorporated into the multifunction center seat.

    Standard technology features include a new vehicle operating information display, which supports eco-driving and easy maintenance work by showing real-time fuel consumption and other operating data, as well as an engine immobilizer and a remote control entry system.

Fuel-Efficient Performance and Reduced Emissions
  • The Atlas F24's newly developed ZD30DDTi engine is mated to Nissan's first-ever 6-speed automatic mechanical transmission (6AMT), delivering both class-leading fuel economy and the powerful performance for stress-free city driving with frequent acceleration and deceleration.

    The 6AMT transmission combines an electronically controlled shift unit with a base manual transmission. Therefore, the Atlas F24 can be driven by persons whose licenses are limited to automatic transmission vehicles, since clutching and shifting operations are fully automated. Besides allowing the driving ease of automatic transmission vehicles, the 6AMT achieves fuel consumption at a level on par with manual transmission vehicles. In addition, the Atlas F24's proactive control system with the Easy Hill Start (EHS) system ensures easy uphill launches, even when carrying heavy loads.

    From an environmental perspective, Atlas F24 models fitted with the new ZD30DDTi engine reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions by an additional 10% from Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations and are certified as low-emission heavy-duty vehicles. They also comply with the low-emission vehicle designation system adopted by eight Kanto region prefectures/cities, as well as a similar system adopted by seven Kansai region prefectures/cities.

    Agile maneuverability in tight places is provided by the Atlas F24's class-leading turning radius. The 1.5-ton Short body models and the 1.5/2.0-ton Standard body models feature minimum turning radius of 4.2 meters and 4.4 meters, respectively.

    The gross vehicle weight of all Atlas F24 models is less than five tons, enabling them to be operated by persons with new ordinary driver's licenses.**

Extended Warranty, Optimal Pricing
  • The Atlas F24 comes with an Atlas Premium Warranty that allows the ordinary warranty for three years or 60,000 kilometers to be extended at no extra cost for an additional two years or until a total mileage of 100,000 kilometers. (To qualify for this warranty, the first and second vehicle inspections must be performed at a Nissan dealer and the mileage at the time of the second inspection must be less than 60,000 kilometers.)

    The Atlas F24 will be marketed under the tagline of "SHIFT_business" in keeping with its promise to "transform users' businesses." Sales are targeted at 1,200 units per month.

    Along with low projected maintenance and upkeep, the Atlas F24 is optimally priced at competitive levels.
One example of suggested nationwide retail prices (including consumption tax)
Cab Model Body type Max. payload Bed Engine Transmission Grade Price (yen)
2WD Single Super Low Short 1.5 tons Wooden QR20DE 5MT DX 1,953,000
ZD30DDTi 2,257,000
Standard QR20DE 1,984,500
ZD30DDTi 2,289,000
6AMT 2,467,500
2.0 tons 6MT 3,144,750 *
6AMT 3,270,750
Long 6MT 3,354,750
6AMT 3,480,750
*Model in the photo
5MT: 5-speed manual transmission      6MT: 6-speed manual transmission
6AMT: 6-speed automatic mechanical transmission
** The new driver's license system enforced on June 2, 2007 establishes a new category of medium-duty vehicles. Persons with a new ordinary driver's license may operate vehicles having a gross vehicle weight of less than five tons and a maximum payload of less than three tons.