December 02, 2004

Nissan Releases New Lafesta Minivan

Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the domestic launch of the all-new Lafesta minivan. As its tagline "SHIFT_open feeling" implies, Lafesta offers customers an open, airy interior that is without precedent in the minivan class.

Lafesta 20S

Highlights of the new Lafesta:

  • Bright, airy interior due to its panoramic glass roof and large windows
  • Sliding doors on both sides for easy access and a compact body for better maneuverability
  • Powerful driving from all-new 2.0 MR engine and best-in-class fuel economy
  • Numerous convenience features, such as baby-friendly seating capability

    Lafesta Overview

    Bright, airy interior due to panoramic roof and large windows
    All Lafesta models come with a panoramic glass roof measuring 1,500 mm in length and 800 mm in width, making it the largest sunroof on any domestic minivan. The glass in the panoramic roof has an ultraviolet blocking capability that screens out all solar UV radiation. Lafesta's square form, low instrument panel height and low waistline made it possible to expand the glass area all around. Together with the panoramic roof, this design allows more natural light into the interior, while also assuring ensuring excellent outward visibility.

    The panoramic roof shade can be closed to any desired position at the touch of a button.

    Sliding doors on both sides for easy access and a compact body for better maneuverability
    The sliding doors on both sides can be opened wide even in tight places for effortless access to the rear seats and easy loading and unloading of cargo. The model also features an electric sliding door on the passenger's side for added convenience. This door can be opened and closed automatically at the touch of a dashboard button near the driver's seat or via a remote control. The door also features an automatic stop function to prevent anything from getting caught in the door when it closes.

    Thanks to Lafesta's short overall length of 4,495 mm, square body form and headlamp markers, the driver can accurately judge where the minivan's four corners are, allowing easier maneuverability in situations such as parking in a garage. The large windows and minimum turning radius of 5.1 meters also ensure easier driving.

    The driver's seat features a height adjuster with a top-class range adjustment of up to 60 mm for an optimum driving position.

    Powerful driving and best-in-class fuel economy
    Lafesta is equipped with Nissan's new MR20DE engine and XTRONIC CVT (continuously variable transmission), which together result in smooth, responsive acceleration with best-in-class fuel consumption. 

    Nissan's high-strength Zone Body, which is built on the newly developed C platform, provides world-class safety performance.

    Lafesta features sound-deadening materials in optimum places and other noise isolation measures for best-in-class quietness, not only during acceleration but also while idling.

    At the front, Lafesta features a strut suspension. At the rear, 2WD models adopt a torsion beam suspension, and 4WD models have a trailing-arm multi-link suspension. The result is superb handling, stability and exceptional ride comfort.

    High-rigidity front brake calipers, newly developed friction materials and a high-rigidity brake booster with superior responsiveness have been adopted to ensure outstanding braking performance.

    Convenience features such as baby-friendly seating capability
    Lafesta comes with a myriad of convenience features, including flexible seating arrangements. For example, the car has a baby-friendly seating mode that allows easy contact between the driver and a small child in the second-row seat on the left side. By folding down the front of the passenger seat and moving both the front seat and the second-row seat on the left forward, the driver can easily reach over to the child.

    The interior boasts a number of handy compartments and pockets for neatly stowing small items. The large-capacity 7-liter upper glove box has a built-in tissue case, and the large-capacity 15-liter lower glove box incorporates a card holder, a pocket on the inside of the lid and a dampened glove box.

    Thanks to the compact design of the electronically controlled power-assist shifter mounted on the dashboard, movement from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat or to the second-row seats is easy.

    For enhanced passenger comfort, the air-conditioning system has a special dashboard vent for directing airflow to the rear seats and B-pillar vents designed specifically for the second-row passengers.

    A side blind-spot monitor and a back-view monitor are available for enhanced nighttime and rearward visibility. The side monitor shows a color view of the car's left front side, including guidelines for positioning the left side and front end. The system also incorporates an infrared light emitting diode (LED) that emits invisible light at night that enables the driver to see outside images on the monitor. The back-view monitor displays a color view of the area behind the car, including guidelines indicating the car's width, distance to objects and the car's projected rearward path.

    Safety and environmental friendliness
    Standard safety equipment on all models includes front-seat Active Head Restraints and dual SRS airbag systems for the driver and front passenger.

    All Lafesta models are certified as ultra-low emission vehicles (U-LEVs)*1 because they emit 50% fewer exhaust emissions than the levels required by Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations. Both the 2WD and 4WD models achieve Japan's 2010 fuel economy standards plus an additional 5%, thereby qualifying for tax reductions under the Green Tax program in Japan.

    *1The low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was inaugurated in April 2000 to encourage the penetration of low-emission vehicles through their selection by ordinary consumers. Following the adoption of the 2005 new long-term exhaust emission regulations in September 2003, the system was revised in October of last year to establish two certification categories. U-LEV certification requires an additional 50% reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) emissions from the levels mandated by the 2005 exhaust emission regulations and SU-LEV certification requires an additional 75% reduction of these exhaust gas constituents.

    Origin of the model name
    The model name comes from the Italian word "festa" meaning holiday, festival or party. The name expresses a desire to spend an enjoyable time in the car together with family members or friends.

    Sales target:

    5,000 units/month

    Dealers selling Lafesta:

    Nissan and Motor channel dealers belonging to the Nissan Blue Stage and Satio, Prince and Cherry channel dealers belonging to the Nissan Red Stage (including Nissan Red and Blue Stage dealers that handle all models).

    Price range:

    1,785,000 yen to 2,310,000 yen

    Sales launch events:

    Dec. 4-5 and Dec. 11-12, 2004

    *The photo in this news release can be downloaded at Nissan's press site (

    Autech Releases Lafesta Rider and Lafesta Enchante

    Autech Japan, Inc., a wholly owned Nissan affiliate, today announced the domestic release of Lafesta Rider, featuring special specifications, and Lafesta Enchante lifecare vehicle (LV)*. Autech has newly customized these models in conjunction with the launch of the all-new Lafesta minivan.

    *Nissan group companies use the term lifecare vehicle (LV) to refer to vehicles that are specifically designed to assist persons with special mobility needs in their everyday lives.

    Lafesta Rider (2WD)

    Lafesta Enchante Slide-out Lift Front Passenger's Seat Model

    Lafesta Rider Overview
    Lafesta Rider has been customized around the concept of a "stylish family minivan that projects a distinct presence" and comes with a variety of special specifications.

    Both the exterior and interior feature trim parts with a brilliant luster, giving the design a unified look. Customers can choose either a beige or black interior trim. A package of sporty options, including an exclusively tuned suspension, exclusive tires and an exclusive sports muffler, is available only on the 2WD models for enhanced sporty driving.

    Lafesta Enchante Overview
    The Slide-out Lift Front Passenger's seat on Lafesta Enchante can be swiveled to the outside of the vehicle and lowered and raised by motor power for easy transfer between a wheelchair and the vehicle.

    Inside the minivan, the seat also slides fore and aft and reclines under motor power. The control switches for these seat adjustments are conveniently provided on both the right and left sides of the seat for easy operation by an accompanying caregiver or by the seat occupant personally.

    *A motor-powered wheelchair lift for loading a chair into the vehicle via simple switch operations is also available on Enchante Series models as a dealer-installed option.

    Dealers selling Lafesta Rider and Lafesta Enchante:

    Nissan and Motor channel dealers belonging to the Nissan Blue Stage and Satio, Prince and Cherry channel dealers belonging to the Nissan Red Stage (including Nissan Red and Blue dealers that handle all models).

    Price range:

    Lafesta Rider - 2,110,500 yen to 2,436,000 yen; Lafesta Enchante - 2,205,000 yen to 2,667,000 yen.



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