October 14, 2004

Nissan's Exhibits at the 38th Tokyo Motor Show-Commercial Vehicles
--Broad Lineup of Both Commercial Vehicles and Lifecare Vehicles--

Tokyo--Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will present a broad lineup of both commercial vehicles and lifecare vehicles (LVs) at the upcoming 38th Tokyo Motor Show-Commercial Vehicles. Nissan's commercial vehicle exhibits will range from mini-commercial vehicles to 2-ton trucks and will be highlighted by the Caravan Box In Box reference model. The Tiida Enchante, rolled out in September, will be one of centerpieces of the LV exhibits that will include a mini-car, commercial vehicles and even a sports car.

Caravan Box in Box

Tiida Enchante Slide-out Lift Front Passenger's Seat Model

Overview of Principal Vehicle Exhibits

<Commercial Vehicles>

  • Caravan Box In Box

    This vehicle has been created around a new concept of adding a "display" capability to the traditional vehicle functions of mobility and transport. This new concept has been realized in the Caravan Box In Box precisely because of the Caravan's versatility. Besides its outstanding payload capacity, utility, driving performance and other impressive essential attributes, the Caravan has been highly acclaimed for its design, making it a popular favorite in the apparel industry and other businesses. A notable feature of the Caravan Box In Box is that display boxes can easily be pulled out from the back door and the sliding side door and opened for displaying goods. With this built-in display capability, users can make presentations and show their products directly to customers anywhere that there is a parking space. For instance, the Caravan Box In Box can be driven to event sites for use as a handy showroom on wheels.

    <Other commercial vehicle exhibits>

     · Clipper Truck                  · Clipper Van

     · AD Van                            · Vanette Truck

     · Vanette Van                    · Caravan

     · Caravan Silkroad           · Civilian Super Limousine

     · Atlas (1-ton)                    · Atlas CNG (2-ton)

    <Lifecare Vehicles>

  • Tiida Enchante Slide-out Lift Front Passenger's Seat Model

    The front passenger's seat can be swiveled to the outside of the vehicle and lowered/raised under motor power by a wireless remote control for easy transfer between a wheelchair and the vehicle. The seat incorporates exclusive armrests and motor-powered mechanisms for sliding the seat fore/aft and reclining it inside the vehicle. The control switches for these operations are thoughtfully provided on both the right and left sides of the seat for easy operation by an accompanying person or by the seat occupant personally. In addition, because the Tiida features enhanced interior quality, with meticulous attention paid to the details, and large-size seats, the passenger compartment offers a refined, comfortable ambience that older passengers and persons with physical disabilities will also find relaxing.

    <Other LV exhibits>

    Nissan group companies use the term lifecare vehicle (LV) to refer to vehicles that are specifically designed to assist persons with special mobility needs in their everyday lives. Nissan's LV lineup comprises three series of LVs designed to meet users' various needs. In addition to the Tiida Enchante described above, the models listed below will also be on display at this year's motor show.

     ·  Enchante series for easy ingress/egress: Tiida Latio, March, Cube, Elgrand, Presage and Moco

     ·  Personal Chair Cab series for entering/exiting the vehicle in a wheelchair: Cube and Caravan

     ·  Driving Helper series for operation by persons with leg disabilities: Fairlady Z

    Each vehicle series will be displayed in its own separate area, so that visitors can easily and quickly find the specific models they want to see. Moreover, every effort will be made to construct a barrier-free booth, making it easy to move around and see the vehicles on display.



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