September 02, 2004

Nissan Releases New Murano Crossover SUV

Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the domestic release of the Nissan Murano crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV).

Murano 350XV FOUR

In keeping with this model's "SHIFT_ design" tagline, the Murano pursues new possibilities in SUV styling, focusing on driving performance without being confined to conventional SUV design concepts.

Inspired by the theme of "sculpture in motion," the exterior styling expresses SUV strength in the lower body and sport sedan-like openness in the cabin. Models powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine are fitted with Nissan's XTRONIC CVT-M6 continuously variable transmission with a 6-speed manual shift mode. This combination delivers powerful driving performance, supported by ample torque output, with the vehicle dynamics of a sport sedan.

The Murano has received resounding accolades in the North American market, where approximately 80,000 units have been sold since it was rolled out in December 2002. Many customers in Japan have also expressed interest in the Murano following its display as a reference model at the Tokyo Motor Show in October last year.

The unique features distinguishing the Murano include:

  • Sculpture in motion

  • Premium SUV with 4×4 capability

  • Dynamic performance of a sport sedan

    Origin of the Murano model name

    The Murano is named after the Italian islands of the same name near Venice, where elegantly sculptured Murano glass is produced. The sensuous beauty and handcrafted warmth of this famous variety of Venetian glass are qualities shared by the Murano.

    Murano Overview

    1. Sculpture in motion

    The exterior design embodies the theme of "sculpture in motion," with the lower body expressing SUV strength and the cabin projecting the airy openness of a sport sedan. The sharp lines and rich body curves present different expressions as the car moves. The Murano adopts a side blind-spot monitor and outside mirrors, with a downward rearview mirror positioned at the base. These features contribute to the car's smooth, clean design by eliminating the need for the side downward-view mirrors typically mounted on the front fenders of SUVs.

    The attractive interior blends spacious comfort with a stylish design. Shaped like a rugby ball, the instrument panel allows ample roominess , and the well-coordinated use of genuine aluminum accents conveys functionality and freshness.

    2. Premium SUV with 4×4 capability

    The roomy interior is appointed with a host of premium amenities, enabling occupants in all seating positions to enjoy spacious comfort with a feeling of fine quality.

    A standard featured 7-inch-wide liquid crystal display monitor, incorporating TV and vehicle information display functions.

    The side blind-spot monitor uses a high-sensitivity, near-infrared charge-coupled device (CCD) camera embedded in the left-hand outside mirror to eliminate the blind spot near the front end on the left side. Incorporating an infrared LED for nighttime use, this system displays a color image on the navigation system monitor along with white guidelines indicating the vehicle width on the left side and the front-end position.

    The back-view monitor uses a CCD camera to display a color view of the area behind the car for improved rearward visibility. Besides the color image, this system displays white guidelines indicating the vehicle width and white lines showing the projected rearward path of the car.

    Another standard appointment on all models is a BoseŽ audio system that has been tuned specifically for the Murano.

    Standard features on the 3.5-liter models include genuine leather seats and a DVD-based navigation system supporting Nissan's CARWINGS telematics services.

    3. Dynamic performance of a sport sedan

    One engine choice is the VQ35DE engine that is characterized by its remarkable smoothness and superb power performance in the practical speed range of everyday driving. This engine is paired with the XTRONIC CVT to provide smooth driving performance with excellent fuel economy.

    A second engine choice is the QR25DE engine that features dramatically improved torque output in the low rpm range. This engine also provides outstanding fuel economy and exceptional driving ease in the practical speed range, including ample passing acceleration.

    The XTRONIC CVT-M6 with a 6-speed manual shift mode delivers smooth acceleration and improved fuel economy, thanks to its wider gear ratio spread and expanded range of lockup operation. Additionally, the manual shifting feature also enables drivers to enjoy the pleasure of sporty driving.

    The Murano's suspension system assures responsive handling by responding accurately to steering inputs. In addition, it also provides reassuring driving performance by suppressing body roll during cornering and by minimizing cabin shaking when traveling over bumps in the road and during hard braking.

    4. Practicality

    The large, lockable center console compartment fitted with a sliding armrest has a huge storage capacity of 13 liters, enough space to hold an A4-size notebook personal computer.

    The air-conditioning system adopts independent temperature controls for the right- and left-side seating positions for added comfort.

    The Murano boasts one of the widest luggage areas in its class, thanks to its innovative suspension layout that suppresses the inward protrusion of the wheel housings. The luggage area can accommodate four special A-size suitcases (770 x 550 x 260 mm) or five 9-inch golf bags. Even with the tonneau cover closed, it can hold four sets of golf clubs.

    5. Safety and environmental performance

    Front-seat Active Head Restraints and dual SRS airbag systems for the driver and front passenger are among the many standard safety features provided on every model.

    All Murano models have ultra-low emission vehicle (U-LEV)* certification because they emit 50% fewer nitrogen oxide (NOx) and non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) emissions than the levels required by Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations.

    *The low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was inaugurated in April 2000 to encourage the penetration of low-emission vehicles through their selection by ordinary consumers. Following the adoption of the 2005 new long-term exhaust emission regulations in September 2003, the system was revised last October to establish two certification categories. U-LEV certification requires an additional 50% reduction of NOx and NMHC emissions from the levels mandated by the 2005 exhaust emission regulations and SU-LEV certification requires an additional 75% reduction of these exhaust gas constituents.

    Sales target: 1,000 units/month

    Dealers selling the Murano:  Satio, Prince and Cherry channel dealers of the Nissan Red Stage (including Nissan Red and Blue Stage dealers that handle all models) and Nissan and Motor channel dealers of the Nissan Blue Stage. (Blue Stage start selling on October 29.)

    Sales launch events:  Saturday and Sunday, September 4-5, 2004

    Suggested nationwide retail prices (including consumption tax):

    *The photo in this news release can be downloaded at Nissan's press site (

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