Sofilez (synthetic leather)

Sofilez (synthetic leather )

A luxurious, soft synthetic leather

The supple feel of a baby's cheek. This new synthetic material is as pleasing to the touch as a baby's skin thanks to its cushiony surface, nearly as pliable as the skin of the fingertips, and a fingerprint-like texture.

What sets Sofilez apart from other synthetic materials?

More tear-resistant than other soft materials

Sofilez meets the durability standards required for vehicle interiors, and is used for the armrests of Nissan's luxury vehicle named "FUGA" and "Infiniti M". This makes it ideal for products requiring resilient materials, such as sofas and chairs.

More tear-resistant than other soft materials

A touch and feel comparable to genuine leather

The material's texture equals or even exceeds the comfort of real leather used for furniture.

A touch and feel comparable to genuine leather

Lighter than genuine leather

Sofilez is ideal for use in train or airplane seats, which must be as light as possible, because it only weighs 60% as much as real leather.

Lighter than genuine leather

Commercial Uses

NISSAN  tetra

Sofilez is used for the Tetra cushion made by Daitou Shingu Kogyo
Photos and information on the cushion (Japanese only)

Sofilez is ideal for use in seats and cushions, as well as apparel and accessories. Contact us to find out more.


1. Soft to the touch
Sofilez has a supple surface that matches or surpasses the comfort of the semi-aniline leather used for furniture.

2. Perfectly balanced texture
The material features a comfortable texture resulting from just the right balance between soft and hard, coarse and smooth, and dry and wet.

3. Lightweight
Sofilez weighs just 60% as much as genuine leather.

4. Eco-friendly
Our material balances pleasing texture with functionality and is produced with minimal environmental impact through an effective use of resources.

The closer the surface texture is to a human fingerprint, the better it feels.
Perfectly balanced texture


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