Noise Detector

Noise Detector

Noise Detector Rapidly and Accurately Locates Noise Source

Vehicle often causes unexpected noises. These noises can be rectified by maintenance work, but it may not be possible to hear the noises without running the vehicle, or reverberations may make it difficult to identify the source of the noise. In these cases it can take a long time to get to the root of the problem.
Responding to the requests of mechanics working in repair shops, Nissan developed an original Noise Detector to address this problem. This simple-to-operate device is capable of rapidly and accurately pinpointing the location of a noise source.


Capable of rapidly and accurately locating sounds caused by loose fit or friction between parts.

Measurement frequency: 200–3,000 Hz

  • Four sensors allow coverage of a wide area in a single measurement
  • LED level meters give a visual indication of the sound volume; “peak hold” function allows accurate detection of the briefest sounds
  • High-end oscillation sensors detect sounds across a wide frequency spectrum
  • Small, lightweight and can be powered by battery, allowing use in situations such as a vehicle in motion
  • Sensors are fitted with magnets so they can be easily fixed in place
  • Cheaper than competing products on the market


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