Scratch-Resistant Clear Coat Preserves a Beautiful Finish

Nissan teamed up with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc. to develop Scratch Shield, a special scratch-resistant clear coat (patented in Japan, the United States and Europe).

Commercial Uses

In addition to its automotive applications, Scratch Shield is now being used as the clear coat for the Style Series N-03B, an NEC mobile phone on the Docomo network in Japan. It is also being considered for various other products, including electrical appliances as well as motorcycles and sporting goods.


Scratch Shield maintains the beautiful finish of a painted surface longer because its highly flexible and elastic properties allow scratches to quickly mend themselves.

Conventional UV-resistant paint
Conventional UV-resistant paint

Nissan's Scratch Shield
Nissan's Scratch Shield

Technical Overview

Conventional Paint
Conventional Paint
A painted surface suffers damage when an external stress tears its polymer chains.

Scratch Shield Technology
Scratch Shield Technology
The "slide-ring" structure of the clear coat's polymer chains lets them disperse the tension of an external stress, allowing them to remain intact rather than tearing. Over time the chains rebound, causing the painted surface to repair itself.


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