Nissan Corporate Strategy and Business Development Division Technology Sales Department encourages the development of new products and services outside our company. We license the technologies and methods we have cultivated through automobile manufacturing and other business operations to clients in a wide variety of industries.

Our technological offerings are versatile. Sensors that were originally developed for a nighttime pedestrian detector are utilized in thermometers to gauge body-surface temperature. Scratch-resistant coating for our cars is used on mobile phones to prevent deterioration and give them a more attractive finish.

Nissanís intellectual assets are helping our partners speed up productivity and create new value in a variety of fields. This helps create customers who are loyal to our products and services.

We will continue to undertake the challenge of forging win-win relationships among the licensees, their customers, and Nissan, as part of our efforts toward our corporate vision: enriching peopleís lives.


Benefits for Licensees

■Reduces development time and costs
Use of completed technologies lowers the need for in-house development work.
■Helps avoid risk
Development failures and other risks are alleviated.
■Maximizes in-house strengths
Licensing technologies to bolster areas of weakness lets a company focus on product development in its areas of strength.
■Boosts cost competitiveness
Lower overall development costs mean competitive pricing in the end-user market.

Benefits for End Users

■Increases access to new technologies
Diffusion of new technologies lets users buy relatively inexpensive products equipped with the latest features and functions.

Benefits for Nissan

■Enhances corporate recognition
Broader contact with customers outside the auto industry expands public awareness of Nissan's prowess.
■Fosters new research and development
Income from licensing can help fund Nissan's ongoing research and development work.

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