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80th Anniversary"Love Story"Award

The 80th Anniversary "Love Story" Award is now on! 
Through a fan voting system, we will select winners of the 
"Monthly Award" and the "Best of NISSAN Love Story" 
from your submissions of the "Love Story" between you and your Nissan car.

Thanks for your entries! The monthly awards have been decided by the fans. From those below, we will select the “Best of Nissan Love Story” and the winner will receive an original miniature car that will be the only one of its kind in the world. *Please note that the winner will receive the original mini car without announcement on the website.

The monthly awards as decided by the fans

1st Campaign



My dad bought it new in Mexico. My only car, my Datsun lives with me in Australia! #Nissan80

2nd Campaign

Masanobu Sato


これは確か初めてのドライブ。妻も私も若かった・・・ #Nissan80

3rd Campaign

Vijayendra Vikram


True love can't be bought, n same is the Juke-R. #Nissan80

4th Campaign回

kenji meguro


仕事で使ってるマーチ。都内でもスイスイいけるマーチ。小さいのですぐに涼しくなるマーチ。意外と馬力のあるマーチ。トランクは少し小さいマーチ。明日もお世話になるマーチ。 #Nissan80

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