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  • Add “ #Nissan80” to the end of your text to submit your entry.
  • Based on fan votes, we will select the “Monthly Award” every month, and feature the winner as the Cover Photo on Nissan’s Facebook page.
  • We will select the “Best of Nissan Love Story” from these cover photos, and the winner will receive an original miniature car that will be the only one of its kind in the world.

  • Click on the “Vote” button under the Love Story you want to vote for!
  • After clicking on the “Vote” button, select “Vote!”, “Like” or “Tweet” to complete the voting process. Note: For each entry, you can cast a total of three votes by pressing each button once.
  • Now you can download the exclusive “ 80th Anniversary” wallpaper!

  • Follow the @Nissan account on Twitter.
  • Tell us your “Love Story” between you and your Nissan Car on Twitter or Instagram ※1 and upload your photo.
  • Add “ #Nissan80” to the end of your text to submit your entry.
  • ※1 Fan votes are accepted only for "Love Stories" submitted through Twitter. Submissions to Instagram will only be open to voting after they have been shared on Twitter.
  • ※ “Love Stories” that have been submitted will be considered for selection in the following month.
  • ※ Please submit a photo of yourself together with your Nissan car. Entries that include only the Love Story, or only a photo of the car, will not be accepted.
  • ※ The submission deadline is 28 February 2014.

1st CampaignSubmission period: 2014/1/31~2014/2/23Voting period: 2014/3/1~2014/3/31
2nd CampaignSubmission period: 2014/2/24~2014/4/20Voting period: 2014/5/1~2014/5/30
3rd CampaignSubmission period: 2014/4/21~2014/5/25Voting period: 2014/6/2~2014/6/30
4th CampaignSubmission period: 2014/5/26~2014/7/20Voting period: 2014/8/1~2014/8/31

※All dates and times stated are in Japan standard time.

Gifts / Number of winners
  • ・Facebook Cover Photo: One selected entrant per month
  • ・Original Miniature Car (valued at 10,000 yen): 1 winner
  • ・Applications are accepted only from residents of the following countries:
    Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Peru, Guatemala, Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, India, South Africa
  • ・Employees of Nissan Motor Company and parties related to the company are not eligible.
Submission methods
  • ・Participants must have a Twitter account and follow Nissan’s Twitter account @Nissan.
    ※Participants who have been selected to receive the gift will be contacted through direct messages from the @Nissan account.
  • ・Please submit your “Love Story” through Twitter by adding the hashtag “#Nissan80” and URL “”.
Application criteria
  • ・Submissions must feature participant and car together.
  • ・Only applications with the hashtag “#Nissan80” and URL “” will be considered.
  • ・Each person may submit as many entries (“Love Story” submissions) as he or she wishes through Twitter. However, if the same entry is submitted more than once, the repeated entries will be treated as one single submission.

Facebook Cover Photo

  • ・The Facebook Cover Photo will be selected through a strict selection process that also takes into account the number of fan votes on the Heritage Site “Love Story” page(
  • ・Votes that are assessed to be improper or fraudulent by the Office may be disqualified.

Original Miniature Car

  • ・One of the six “Love Stories” selected for use as the Facebook “Love Story” Cover Photo will be selected as the final winner.
  • ・We will not entertain any inquiries about the process or results of the selection.
Announcement of selection results

Facebook Cover Photo

  • ・Participants whose submissions have been selected as the Facebook Cover Photo will be contacted through direct messages to their accounts from the @Nissan account.
  • ・The results of selection will be announced on the social media sites of the eligible countries and the Heritage Site “Love Story” page(

Original Miniature Car

  • ・The selected winner will be contacted through a direct message to his or her account from the @Nissan account.
  • ・A verification URL will be sent to the winner. Upon accessing the URL, the winner will be required to enter his or her delivery address for the present before the deadline.
  • ※If the winner stops following the @Nissan account during the campaign period and after the end of the campaign, he or she may not be able to receive the direct message notification, and the selection of this winner will be considered void and invalid. Your kind understanding is much appreciated.
Delivery of the Original Miniature Car
  • ・The Original Miniature Car will be custom-made based on the photograph of the “Love Story” submitted. Production time is estimated to be four to five months.
  • ・The Original Miniature Car is scheduled for delivery in December 2014. Delivery of the gift may be slightly delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Your kind understanding is much appreciated.
  • ・The selection of the winner will be considered void and invalid if the gift is undeliverable as a result of incomplete address provided, lack of notification about a new address, or long-term absence.
  • ・Even if submissions are received from multiple persons/households at the same address, the winning selection will only be effective once.
  • ・All texts and images submitted using the #Nissan80 hashtag will automatically be published on this website.
  •  ※However, our Office reserves the right not to publish any contents that are considered to be inappropriate in any way.
  • ・A portion of the text and images may be displayed content when it is deemed inappropriate.
  • ・There may be secondary use of submitted texts and images on Nissan’s website and/or social media sites.
  • ・Nissan Motor Company will not be responsible for any problems that may arise after the publication of the abovementioned contents, nor will it bear any responsibility for damages that may be incurred by the user through the publication/use of these contents.
  • ・Please note that we will not entertain any inquiries about how to use Twitter.
Rules and regulations for submission to Twitter
  • ・The campaign is not open to users who have set their Twitter accounts as private accounts.
  • ・Nissan Motor Company will not bear any responsibility for any damages or loss that may be incurred by the participant during the submission of his or her entry.
  • ・Nissan Motor Company will not be concerned or involved in any disputes that may arise from complaints or objections by third parties during the submission of entries. The participant will assume responsibility for resolving any such issues. In addition, Nissan Motor Company will not bear any responsibility for any damages or loss that may arise as a result of these circumstances.
  • ・Please ensure that you comply with the following prohibitions with regard to the contents of submissions.
    • Submissions that are offensive to public order and morals
    • Submissions that are defamatory to others
    • Submissions that are in violation of laws and regulations
    • Submissions that are posted for profit or commercial purposes
    • Submissions that incite criminal behavior
    • Submissions of photographs that were taken without the permission of the subject(s)
    • Submissions that contain personal information
    • Submissions on contents that are not related to the “Love Story”
  • ・This campaign is not sponsored or backed by Twitter, Inc.
Handling of personal information
  • ・The personal information provided will only be used for the delivery of the gift and notification about gift delivery via e-mail, as well as marketing purposes such as the collation of statistics that do not identify any individuals. The personal information provided will not be disclosed or provided to third parties other than our contractors without the consent of the individual(s) concerned. (This is not applicable to the disclosure or provision of information for legal purposes.)
  • ・Please refer to Nissan Motor Company’s privacy policy for more information.
  • ・For campaign enquiries, please contact