CARWINGS is a service in Japan that makes car navigation systems more convenient by connecting them to mobile phones.
It provides a range of services to support eco-driving and ease congestion, thus enabling more fuel-efficient driving.

Main CARWINGS services

Support for comfortable driving

Fastest route guidance: Using traffic predictions generated based on real-time traffic information and vehicle driving information from other CARWINGS members, CARWINGS provides accurate route searches even for areas not covered by VICS data.
By providing routes for efficient travel to the driver's destination, CARWINGS supports environmentally friendly driving.

The "Eco-Driving and You" information channel to support eco-driving

  • Eco-driving check: CARWINGS combines fuel consumption data from drivers' previous rides to inform them of their fuel consumption pattern. The navigation display changes if fuel economy continues to improve, making it enjoyable for drivers to pursue eco-driving habits. Useful tips on eco-driving methods are also provided.
  • Eco-driving rankings: CARWINGS determines eco-driving rankings for members who drive the same model vehicle. The system also calculates an estimate based on average fuel consumption showing how much money could be saved on gasoline if the driver continued to take the optimal route for a year.

Various other services are also provided, such as a live operator service that supports drivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

"Eco-Driving advice" service

A web-based "Eco-Driving advice" service that supports eco-driving using CARWINGS was started in January 2007.
This service calculates average fuel consumption based on vehicle information sent to the CARWINGS Center from the customer's car, and displays monthly fuel-efficiency rankings on the CARWINGS website.

Through these various CARWINGS services, users can enjoy seeing how well they do as eco-drivers while being encouraged to pursue fuel-efficient habits.

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