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Bumper Recovery and Recycling (Japan)

Recovered bumpers recycled as plastic parts

Nissan is working to collect and recycle used plastic bumpers obtained during the repair and replacement of vehicle parts at dealers nationwide. The collected bumpers are recycled into plastic parts for new vehicles through a recycling process. These efforts were begun at dealerships in 1992, and are becoming firmly entrenched.

Collected bumpers

Plastics recycling plant

Example of parts recycled from bumpers

Engine under cover

Number of Recovered Bumpers

Recovery of flares

Flares are provided in all Nissan vehicles, and in January 2002 Nissan began recovering and recycling these flares at all dealerships in Japan. Previously, flares had been handled as nonindustrial waste, but disposal was accompanied by the danger of fires and the possibility of damage to furnaces during the incineration of large volumes of flares. Nissan therefore established an original recovery route in which dealerships hand over flares to professional recyclers for safe disposal.

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