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Compliance with Japan's Automobile Recycling Law

Original manual and other steps for thorough compliance

Automobile dealerships are subject to various laws and regulations. The January 2005 Automobile Recycling Law calls for every employee at automobile dealerships to have an overall understanding of the law, including the background for the legislation and a breakdown of charges imposed. At the same time, they are given responsibility for explaining the law to customers.

Nissan therefore prepared and distributed an original Service Response Manual dealing with the Automobile Recycling Law. We also held meetings to explain the manual and related laws in all parts of the country, provided information that was more directly relevant to work, and set up an inquiry desk specifically to handle questions about the Recycling Law. In these ways, we developed a complete system for responding quickly to inquiries from dealerships. We also conveyed easy-to-understand information to each of our dealerships, including a series of special issues of our "Green-Cycle Communication" bulletin dedicated to the Recycling Law. This bulletin was started in fiscal 1998 to provide timely environmental information to our dealerships.

Incorporation into the Nissan Green Shop certification system

We revised the Nissan Green Shop Manual, which summarizes dealership activities, and numbered the check items required by the Automobile Recycling Law. The status of activities at dealerships is monitored during regular inspections.

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