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Application of Recycled Material

Effective use of limited resources

To limit our use of exhaustible resources, we are promoting use of recycled plastics from end-of-life vehicles as well as other recycled materials. We are promoting these activities on Nissan LEAF, our zero emission vehicle, to realize world's top-level application of recycled materials.

Development of technology to recycle removed bumpers

Nissan dealerships collect damaged bumpers that are discarded after accident repairs in all parts of Japan. We have developed a device that pulverizes the collected bumpers and strips off the coating without the use of chemicals, in a process that is cheaper than the conventional one. We are starting to apply these recycled bumper materials in both bumpers for repairs and bumpers for new vehicles.

Aluminum wheel recycling

Nissan collects aluminum wheels from end-of-life vehicles and recycles them as materials in Nissan plants. They are used in high-quality suspension parts, which reduces the use of virgin materials. Discarded aluminum material has traditionally been recycled for use in engines and a wide range of aluminum parts. Today recycling companies across the country collect Nissan aluminum wheels separately, and this strict separation enables their reuse in higher-grade aluminum parts.

Adoption of parts that use fibers from used plastic bottles

We have succeeded in developing technology to make fine fibers from recycled plastic (polyester), which had been difficult in the past. Fibers from used plastic bottles are recycled and used as the main component in sound insulation layers in the dashboard and floor insulators.

Collection and recycling of plastic bottle caps in automobile parts

Nissan has started collecting discarded plastic bottle caps from its offices and some affiliated companies in Japan and recycling them as materials for automobile parts. Plastic bottle caps are made from polypropylene, which is also used in many automobile parts, and disposed of as waste in some communities. As one method to maximize the use of limited precious resources, we have built mechanisms together with partner companies to recycle materials for use in automobiles.

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