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Creating Partnerships

Nissan emphasizes the creation of partnerships that go beyond industry frameworks in advancing the effective use of resources. Our hope is to gain a synergistic effect through these partnerships that will lead to a large circle of resource recycling.

Recycling manual for end-of-life vehicles

To promote the proper disposal of end-of-life vehicles, we distribute a recycling manual for end-of-life vehicles to automobile dismantlers. The manual includes key points related to the location and work processes for environment-impacting substances, as well as safety cautions.

Manuals for removal of copper and resin parts

Manual for Removing Parts Containing Copper from End-of-life Vehicles

To promote the effective use and recycling of valuable resources such as copper and iron, we distribute a manual for removal of parts containing copper mainly to automobile dismantlers.


Harness recycling design guidelines

Harness recycling design guidelines

Nissan and four other Japanese automakers that are members of ART* (Suzuki, Fuji Heavy Industries, Mazda, and Mitsubishi Motors) have jointly produced harness recycling design guidelines.


  • *ART was formed when the Automobile Recycling Law was enacted (January 2005). This team forms an important part in the system for proper, smooth, and efficient recycling of automobile shredder residue. Its 13 member companies are Isuzu, Chrysler Japan, Suzuki, Nissan, Nissan Diesel, PAG Import, Ford Japan, Fuji Heavy Industries, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus, Mercedes-Benz Japan, and the Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center.


Informational magazine for exchanges with the recycling industry

With the aim of providing a forum for information exchange where Nissan can make announcements and listen to the opinions of people in the recycling industry, the regular publication of Communication was begun in December 1999. In this endeavor, Nissan has gone beyond the framework of the corporation to interact with the recycling industry.

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