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Design Vision/CCO Message

Strengthening the brand by design.

Shiro Nakamura
Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer
1950: Born in Osaka Prefecture.
1999: Joins Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
2000: Assumes post as Vice
President, Design.
2001: Becomes Senior Vice
President, Design.
2006: Assumes concurrent post as
Chief Creative Officer,
Design, Brand Champion,
Product Plan.
At Nissan Design, our mission is to create attractive designs for the excitement of our customer's everyday life. In achieving this mission, we source our ideas from the emotional value customers expect from an automobile and strive not just to fulfill them, but to go an extra mile.

Here, more than 800 personnel are involved in design works, a remarkable number not only in the automotive industry, but in various other industries as well. People with diverse cultural background are carrying out their design works in an environment where they can exert their creativity to their fullest degree.

The role of design is not just about designing cars. We believe our responsibility is concluded once the message of design is delivered to our customers. This is why we attempt to convey Nissan's uniqueness in a consistent manner in various customer touch points such as advertisements, catalogues, show rooms, and motor show booths. This is the way we express Nissan's brand identity and visualize our corporate vision.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a revolutionary time in which internal combustion engine power train is about to transition to an electric motor. This is perhaps the most significant change since the day automobile was born in the late 19th century. Nevertheless, electric vehicles tends to draw attention for its environmental advantage, but noteworthy is that it in fact has the potential to change automobile design dramatically. Hence, it is our intention is to defy stereotype and strive to create new designs for an electric vehicle to become the global leader in this area.

Our ultimate goal is to grow as a trusted company through the love of our customer in reward for creating attractive designs that enthuse them by their function and aesthetic beauty.

Our pursuit to overcome this challenge is endless.

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