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Design Activities


Clay models are an integral part of the automobile development process. The clay modelers who make them are tasked with understanding the designer's intent and creating models to exact specifications. They must constantly work to hone their skills and their sensibility for the craft. For many years now, Nissan has carried out a project to let them push their talents as far as they can go.

Off-site Internship

Off-site Internship

As globalization advances, Nissan is proactively involved in the nurturing of a new generation of talented designers. Going beyond the internship programs at our in-house studios and the dispatch of lecturers to universities and design schools, in FY2006, we established an exclusive studio in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and a program for this purpose. Nissan will continue to involve itself in such activities so that it may contribute as much as it can to the development of Japanese car designs.

Nissan Design Waku-Waku Studio

Nissan offers a program in which professional designers visit elementary schools and hold on-site classes for 5th and 6th graders. The Nissan designers demonstrate sketching designs and utilize footage to explain the design process. It is a program through which children can learn not only what it is like to be a designer but also widely about work in general.

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