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Value Chain

Together with its business partners, Nissan aims to achieve sustainable growth built on a foundation of mutual trust. We strive to listen carefully to our suppliers and dealers on an equal footing and work hard together with them as partners, developing and maintaining cooperative relations that enable us to implement best practices. Our value chain today extends around the globe due to the expansion of the company's business interests. We endeavor to improve our CSR management by sharing our fundamental values and principles with our business partners, thereby promoting consistency in the CSR activities undertaken throughout the supply chain.

Our Priorities
Working with Our Suppliers
Working with Our Dealers
Key Figures
Distribution of Renault-Nissan CSR Guidelines for Suppliers
7,600 suppliers
Distribution of Nissan Green Purchasing Guidelines
3,000 parts and
materials suppliers
Environmental data of suppliers examined
70% of global purchases
Improvements recommended for compliance violations (FY2012)
Nissan Green Shop certification conferred
174 firms, approx. 2,800 outlets

Nissan's Approach to the Value Chain

Nissan uses a fair, impartial and completely transparent business process when selecting suppliers. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for other companies to do business with us, regardless of their nationality, size or history with us. When making selections, the relevant Nissan divisions meet to examine from a range of perspectives the proposals received from suppliers. We explain our final decision to every supplier that has taken part in the selection process.

We make every effort to maintain the highest standards of impartiality and fairness in our business transactions, abiding by the Nissan Global Code of Conduct (item 4: Be Impartial and Fair). As well as maintaining close communication in our day-to-day dealings with suppliers, we also take heed of their ideas through regular questionnaires and direct meetings, checking our business practices from an external perspective.

Nissan works hard to promote correct business practices throughout the supply chain. We have disseminated internally a leaflet on guidelines for appropriate business practices in the automobile industry, focusing on the industry's principles of procurement and important points relating to subcontracting and antimonopoly law, and we hold briefings with our suppliers on these issues.

In fiscal 2012 we launched a new initiative incorporating environmental concerns and compliance requirements, over which there is rising global interest, in addition to continuing the disaster countermeasures in our supply chain from the preceding year.

More information can be found in the CSR Library.

CSR Library

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