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CEO Message

Carlos Ghosn
President and Chief Executive Officer
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Nissan is on a mission. We want to be the auto industry's most socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer. We also want to become one of the most sustainable companies on the planet.

This goal is fueling global efforts to conserve resources; improve vehicle safety, quality, and fuel-efficiency; develop a highly skilled and diverse workforce; and continue our robust philanthropic activities. To put it simply: sustainability is now integrated into Nissan's corporate strategy, operations and culture. And the impact is clear.

By prioritizing sustainability, Nissan has become more efficient, resilient and competitive. Our company has proven that it is possible to create cutting-edge products that not only strengthen our business and meet customer needs but also help to solve today’s most significant mobility, safety and environmental challenges.

We have achieved a great deal through our sustainable activities, and we are eager to further accelerate these efforts. The challenges before us demand nothing less. Whether we are working to address climate change, rapid urbanization, transportation for aging populations or vehicle safety—Nissan is committed to identifying the solutions we need.

One key area of focus will be our vision of a "zero-emission, zero-fatality" future for automobile transportation. Nissan pioneered this effort in 2010 with the launch of the Nissan LEAF—the world's first successful mass-marketed, zero-emission vehicle. The LEAF continues to be the bestselling electric vehicle in history and has established Nissan as the auto industry's zero-emission leader. However, our achievement in the electric vehicle segment is just one part of Nissan's groundbreaking efforts to transform the use and impact of automobiles.

Another exciting step is our work to bring Nissan's Autonomous Drive technology to the marketplace. Autonomous driving vehicles have the potential to ultimately lead to "zero fatality" roads—and Nissan is at the forefront of their development. In addition to reducing accidents, these vehicles also conserve energy, enhance traffic management and ease driver stress. As we work to bring vehicles with Autonomous Drive to the market by 2020, we are incorporating this technology into our vehicles and introducing its benefits on a progressive basis.

We will continue to search for bold ideas in our quest to enhance mobility and enrich lives. We will collaborate with our suppliers, dealers and partners. And we will find new ways to harness the power of technology.

A new era of safer, more sustainable mobility is on the horizon. And Nissan intends to lead the way forward.

Carlos Ghosn
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