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Exective Bios

As of January 1, 2017

Representative Board Members

President and Chairman Carlos Ghosn
Board Members Hiroto Saikawa
Board Members Greg Kelly

Board Members

Director Kimiyasu Nakamura
Director Hideyuki Sakamoto
Director Fumiaki Matsumoto
Director Toshiyuki Shiga
Director Jean-Baptiste Duzan
Director Rey Bernard


Statutory Auditor Hidetoshi Imazu
Statutory Auditor Toshiyuki Nakamura
Statutory Auditor Motoo Nagai
Statutory Auditor Shigetoshi Andoh


Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn
Representative Director, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman Hiroto Saikawa
Chief Financial Officer
Finance, IR, Control, M&A Support, Global Sales Finance Business Unit, Administration for Affiliated Companies, Global IS/IT
Joseph G. Peter
Chief Planning Officer
Global Product Planning, Global Program Management Global Market Intelligence, Vehicle Information Technology
Philippe Klein
Chief Performance Officer
Chairman of Management Committee for North America (MC NA)
Jose Munoz
Chief Competitive Officer Yasuiro Yamauchhi
Executive Vice President
MC Japan/A&O (Japan, Asia, Oceania Business) TCSX (Total Customer Satisfaction Function)
Kimiyasu Nakamura
Executive Vice President
Product Engineering
Hideyuki Sakamoto
Executive Vice President
MFG & SCM Operations
Fumiaki Matsumoto
Alliance EVP, Executive Vice President
Alliance Technology Development
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi
Executive Vice President,
Global Marketing and Sales, Zero Emission Vehicle and Battery business
Daniele Schillaci
Senior Vice President, CCO (Chief Creative Officer)
Design, Brand Champion, Product Plann
Shiro Nakamura
Senior Vice President, CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)
Global External and Government Affairs, Japan Communication, Corporate Service Management Department, CSR Department
Hitoshi Kawaguchi
Alliance Global VP, Senior Vice President
Research & Advanced Engineering
Takao Asami
Senior Vice President
Chairman of Management Committee for China (MC China)
President, Dongfeng Motor Co, Ltd.
Jun Seki
Senior Vice President
Chairman of Management Committee for Latin America (MC LAC)
Jose Luis Valls
Senior Vice President
Chairman of Management Committee for Affiliate Companies, Administration Dept. for Allifiated Companies
Takashi Hata
Senior Vice President
Chairman of Management Committee for Europe (MC E)
Paul Willcox
Senior Vice President
Global Infiniti (& Luxury) Business Unit, President of Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.
Roland Krueger
Senior Vice President
Nissan Global HR, Alliance SVP, Alliance Talent Management
Arun Bajaj
Senior Vice President
Head of Operations Committee for Japan
Asako Hoshino
Senior Vice President
Finance Dept., Global Sales Finance Business Unit, Administration / Finance MC AMI
Rakesh Kochhar
Senior Vice President
Office of the CEO, Alliance CEO Office, CFT Coordination, Legal Dept., Organization Development Dept., Secretariat, V-up Promotion and Renault Nissan Consulting Dept., Global Internal Audit Office, Global Compliance Office
Hari Nada
Senior Vice President
Chairman of Management Committee for Africa, Middle East, and India (MC AMI)
Christian Mardrus
Senior Vice President
TCSX (Total Customer Satisfaction Function)
Noboru Tateishi
Alliance Global VP, Corporate Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Global corporate IS/IT
Celso Guiotoko
Corporate Vice President
Investor Relations Dept. and M&A Support Dept.
Joji Tagawa
Corporate Vice President
Global Datsun Business Unit
Vincent Cobee
Corporate Vice President
Nissan Human Resources (Japan, Asia), Diversity Development Office
Yusuke Takahashi
Corporate Vice President
Global Controller, Budget and Accounting Dept., Global Asset Management Dept.
Hiroshi Karube
Corporate Vice President
Global Product Strategy and Product Planning Div
Keno Kato
Corporate Vice President
Global Marketing, Brand Strategy
Roel De Vries
Alliance Global Director, Corporate Vice President
Inbound Logistics & Projectst
Tony Laydon
Corporate Vice President
Nissan North America, Inc., Senior Vice President, R&D
Kunio Nakaguro
Corporate Vice President
Nissan Product Development No.2, Nissan Product Development No.3, Value Engineering Dept.
Mitsuro Antoku
Corporate Vice President
Nissan Product Development No.1
Naoya Fujimoto
Alliance Global Director, Corporate Vice President
Powertrain Engineering Division 1
Toshihiro Hirai
Alliance Global Director, Corporate Vice President
Customer Performance & Vehicle Test Engineering
Hiroshi Nagaoka
Alliance Globale VP, Corporate Vice President
PF & Component Engineering
Akihhiro Otomo
Corporate Vice President
Monozukuri Control, TdC Management, Coordination of Alliance TdC management
Atul Pasricha
Corporate Vice President
Global LCV Business Unit
Philippe Guerin-Boutaud
Corporate Vice President
Global Aftersales Div., Aftersales Div. (Japan), Global Conversion & Accessory Div
Kent O'hara
Corporate Vice President
Global Dealer Network Div.,Global Sales Div.,
Leon Dorssers
Corporate Vice President
Design Business Management/ Strategic Design, Global Design Center,
Executive Design Director, Infiniti
Alfonso Albaisa
Corporate Vice President , Alliance Global Director
Powertrain Production Engineering
Atsuhiko Hayakawa
Corporate Vice President
Total Customer Satisfaction Function, Production, Field Quality, Quality Audit
Yoshikazu Nakai
Corporate Vice President
Infiniti Product Development Div.
Kinichi Tanuma
Corporate Vice President , Alliance Global VP
Vehicle Production Engineering
Haruhiko Yoshimura
Corporate Vice President , Alliance Global VP
Alliance Purchasing
Makoto Uchida
Technology Intelligence
Haruyoshi Kumura
Vehicle integration technology of electronic and mechatronics
Shunichi Toyomasu
Vice Chariman
Toshiyuki Shiga

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