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Nissan's Diversity

"Diversity Steering Committee" - Decision Making Entity on Diversity

The "Diversity Steering Committee" is an entity for making diversity-related decisions. The committee meets thrice a year with the Chief Operating Officer (Toshiyuki Shiga) as chairman and representative executives from each division. Diversity is integral to Nissan's corporate strategy and the committee sets a range of policies including specific goals, action plans and progress assessment.

Establishment of "Diversity Development Office"

Established in fall 2004, the "Diversity Development Office" is an organization dedicated to promote diversity. It is independent from the Human Resources division and works to promote innovative approaches in diversity for the company on a global level.

Promotion of Local Diversity Activities as a Global Strategy

Diversity issues in Japan are different to those in other regions such as the U.S. and Europe. Each region implements its own diversity action plans with a common goal i.e. to respect and take full advantage of diversity as a competitive strength for Nissan.

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