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Post-3/11 Support Activities
Post-3/11 Support Activities

Helping Disaster Victims with Daily Necessities

With shortages of daily necessities continuing long after the March 11 disaster, many Nissan employees suggested that the company should do something to help. The company responded with a decision to donate its stocks of daily supplies for emergency relief purposes. We donated food provisions, mineral water, and daily necessities worth ¥3.7 million to the city of Iwaki in Fukushima Prefecture, home to a Nissan engine plant. In addition, we distributed some 700 blankets, 50,000 surgical masks, and 300 bottles of disinfectant to people in the stricken areas with the assistance of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government and Japan's Self-Defense Forces.

Moves to provide daily necessities involved the whole business community. One example was the Uru-uru Pack Project, organized by Nippon Keidanren's One Percent Club and the Joint Committee for Coordinating and Supporting Voluntary Disaster Relief Activities. This project put together bags of supplies for distribution to individual families. Some 280 people took part, most of them from the industrial sector. The project sent 6,000 supply kits to people in the disaster areas, including "Back to School Support Packs" and "Friendship Packs" containing stationery supplies for elementary school students and other children, as well as "Ladies' Packs" containing basic cosmetics items. Nissan employees worked as volunteers helping to assemble the care packages.

(May 2011)


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