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Post-3/11 Support Activities
Post-3/11 Support Activities

Classroom Visits to Schools in Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture, which was severely affected by the March 11 earthquake disaster, is home to Nissan's Iwaki Plant. As part of our efforts to support regional recovery in the prefecture, we used our Monozukuri Caravan project to dispatch employees to local schools as instructors. The Monozukuri Caravan is a hands-on education program that uses assembly work to give children a chance to experience for themselves the enjoyment of monozukuri (crafting things) and the creativity required for efficient production of high-quality products. In this effort, instructors from our Oppama and Tochigi Plants taught classes at a total of eight schools in the cities of Fukushima and Koriyama.

At Oshima Elementary School in Koriyama, pupils were still facing challenging conditions, with restrictions placed on outdoor activities because of concerns about radiation. Although a little nervous at first, the children were soon absorbed in what the instructors were saying, and focused on their work with a glint in their eyes. At the end of the class, the Nissan employees had a message for the children: "The earthquake was a tough experience for everyone. But good times will come again. Remember to work hard, and don't let the situation get you down." This earned a resounding cheer of agreement from the children.

The children try on some protective factory wear.

(June 2011)


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